Want to sell Barkin’ Biscuits?

We are always interested in growing our wholesale business and would love to have you become part of Barkin’ Biscuit.

**Please note at this time we do not sell internationally.

Why Barkin’ Biscuits?

Healthy dog treats are a growing trend. People care as much, if not more, about their dog’s health as they do their own. Your customers, and their pets will be very pleased that you care enough to carry Barkin’ Biscuit all natural, healthy dog biscuits in your store.

Who we sell to.

Barkin’ Biscuit currently sells to retailers such as animal shelters, pet specialty stores, dog daycares, grooming facilities, dog masseuses, boutiques, veterinary offices, dog trainers, markets and many more!

We care!

We love animals and are big advocates of animal welfare and promoting responsible pet ownership. If you are a non-profit pet shelter/program we will give you an additional 10% discount on your Barkin’ Biscuit order! Please contact us for more details.

We want to help out others like ourselves on a mission to make a kinder, safer world for our animal friends. That’s why we do not sell our Barkin’ Biscuit treats to any store that sells, breeds or distributes cats or dogs. Animal welfare comes before sales, that is why we are in this business.


Barkin’ Biscuit LLC requires a initial $50.00 minimum order, but there is no mininums on re-orders. Initial orders require payment in full with order placement. We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover. We do accept checks but they must clear before your order is shipped. We are happy to offer payment terms (Net 15) for all re-orders. *We will require a Tax ID number for verify the order placed is by a actual business, not simply an individual. **There will be a $25 fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds.


For orders $100.00 and under we charge a $18.00 flat rate shipping fee. For orders over $100.00 we charge a $22.00 flat rate shipping fee.
Orders generally ship within 7 to 10 business days. We do offer local delivery up to 15 miles from our Bedford location for a $7.00 delivery fee.
**Please note at this time we do not ship outside the USA.

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We are updating our Pricing Sheet. Please email or call us for our wholesale prices!